Special Primer

Special Primer

Product Description

Extra rich priming paint that produces a matt surface. Ensures a uniform, saturated and filled bottom that is suitable for finishing with ceiling or wall paint in the desired quality.
  • Priming paint
  • Extra rich
  • Matt


Priming paint of plaster, concrete, cardboard-coated gypsum board and filled surfaces before painting with ceiling and wall paint.
Also used for priming painting of glass felt, glass tissue and fiber felt.


Must be clean, dry, firm and suitable for surface treatment.


Remove loose material and paint by cleaning and sanding.
Remove dirt, grime, grease and chalking materials by cleaning with Fluren 37.
Water-soluble discolouration, nicotine and soot can be cleaned with Fluren 49.
Sand surface to matt finish as required.
Cracks, unevenness and holes must be filled.
Absorbent and porous substrates must be primed with Flügger Sealer.


Brush, roller or spray.
Decide your choice of tool/utensil depending on the finish.
Apply wet on wet and finish by brushing/rolling in the same direction.
Cold/heat can affect the viscosity of the material.
Material temperature for spray painting, min. 12⁰C.
Condensation during drying/curing must not occur.
Cold and increased humidity extends drying time, full curing and recoat interval.
Increased temperature and low atmospheric humidity reduce drying time and full curing.
Always perform a test treatment for a check and acceptance of adhesion and result.


Matt, covered surface.
Finish treat with paint in desired gloss and colour.

Environmental information

Clean off the paint from tools and wash them with water. Bring remains of fluent paint to the local recycling centre. Minimize your paint waste by pre-estimating how much paint you need. Keep the leftover paint for future use so you can effectively reduce the environmental impact.

Storage: Cool, frost-free, and tightly closed

Technical Data

Priming paint
Density (kg/liter)
Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)
Workable temperature
Min. +10°C
Max. humidity 80 % RH.
Dry to touch at 20°C, 60% RF (Hours)
Emission cf. ISO 16000-9:2011
20 < µg/m²h after 28 days
Water. May be diluted 5-10 % at spraying.
Cleaning of Tools etc.
Supplementary Info
Registered in the Nordic Ecolabelling Building Products Database for products which can be used in buildings with the Swan label.

Current TDS Version

december 2021

Replaces TDS Version

augusti 2021